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    First Time Erotic Twilight Fan Fiction (OVER 18 ONLY!!!)

    William Najar
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    First Time Erotic Twilight Fan Fiction (OVER 18 ONLY!!!) Empty First Time Erotic Twilight Fan Fiction (OVER 18 ONLY!!!)

    Post  William Najar on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:56 pm

    hey guys!!

    This is my first fan fiction for Twilight Exclamation although I have written plenty other for my past favorite movies (Harry Potter, Twilight Zone, Shrek,... Razz ) I hope you will read it with an open mind and let me know what you think!!! Very Happy

    But Remember this is for mature eyes only!!!
    Bella is waiting in the doctor's office with Edward. Bella is 6 months pregnant. they are there for ultrasound.

    >Go into doctor's office
    >Woops, Edwards dad is the doctor. Didn't expect this.
    >They both had forgotten that he worked at the local hospital

    >"uh oh", Bella thinks. "I don't want my future father in law to see my wet vajayjay".
    >too late now

    >Edward's dad apologizes for awkwardness, but begins preparation for the procedure

    >"it's a boy!", he exclaims.
    >bella is excited and gets really wet
    >doctor says he needs to do additional testing
    >puts bony hand into Bella's vajayjay

    >"oh, i see someone is very wet", Edward's dad says.
    >"yes sir, i am sorry", Bella moans softly.

    >>Edward's penor stiffens
    >>Edwards dad's penor stiffens

    >>Bella keeps moaning

    Edward pulls out penor, shoves dad out of the way, and rams his penor into Bella's quivering pooninny.

    >Bella begins moaning, but Edward's dad is upset.

    >"Son you are going to hurt the baby ! , let me do this i am trained"

    >Edward rams his precum tipped wiener into Bella a few more times then reluctantly pulls out his throbbing member

    >Edward's dad enters Bella's wet vajayjay with his fully erected penor

    >Edward, frustrated, shoves his member into Bella's pooper.

    >Bella is a virgin in that respect

    >Bella starts bleeding

    >edward licks it up

    >>this brings Edward to point of ejaculation
    >>Edward's dad is about to cum
    >>Bella is about to come

    >Nurse walks in
    >"Hello doctor here are the resul–oh…"
    >Everyone turns around to face nurse in surprise
    >Edward's erected penor is aimed right at nurse, same with his dad's
    >Jism in face
    >The sight is too much for Bella, who begins squirting
    >It's like a watergun

    >Nurse is drenched in vampire cum and Bella's special sauce

    To be continued....


    Will Najar!

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